Monday, 16 March 2015


Yesterday was such a raining day..i kept looking through my windows to see if the rain had stopped but it just kept pouring. I couldn't go out and was really bored at home. I imagined dry roads and a little bit of sunshine. Then it hit me that whilst the rain was pouring, sunshine is on its way and i will be able to go out maybe not today but tomorrow..sunshine will come and I said to myself even with your life Wemmy. Oh the rain is pouring seriously in my life right now but sunshine is coming and it will come! 

Its a process, things don't just happen right away, it takes time and different emotions, trying times takes as long as it takes, you can't cheat the process and you can't rush it either. While the rain is pouring so hard, learn to take it easy on yourself, improve yourself while at it, learn from it, know that its ok to feel whatever you are feeling, this is what the experience calls for, don't over spiritualize things, don't put any more burden on yourself. Neglecting your emotions or pretending that you are fine, while you are not doesn't really help....cry if you need to, yell if thats how you are feeling, you must allow this process, fighting it will only make things worse. Its not something you did wrong or something you didn't do...its just life and it happens. For the most part last year I kept saying to myself, is it something I did in my past that I'm getting punished for? But I quickly realized, nope...its just life and it happens. 

Sunshine is on its way and its going to be beautiful and warm and amazing, oh yes it will be amazing. I don't know how long it will take sunshine to get here, but I know its coming and I know it will meet me a better and stronger person. I know when it comes I will be very ready for it and I will enjoy it. After every storm is a calm and then the sun will shine. Don't give up happier days are coming! 

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