Monday, 27 April 2015


That's really how I feel right now! I'm tired of your shit, diabetes!!!! Today has been one of those days...I woke up with a banging headache and was very dizzy, so I knew my blood sugar must be very high. I struggled to get my meter and checked my blood was 29.5....whooaaw! Did someone inject me with sugar while I was sleeping? Really can't explain that. My blood sugar at bedtime was 10.5, so what happened to you almighty blood sugar?

I took three units of apidra (insulin) and just stayed in bed waiting for it to come down. Two hours after taking apidra I checked again and it had gone up to 30.6 (my blood sugar don't joke!). So I took 7 units of apdira and waited for three hours, it came down to 25. 6 and all through the day it was between 25.6 and 27.8. I didn't eat for the most part of today and just felt horrible. 

I literally feel like a human pin cushion right now..pricked my fingers like 15 times and kept jabbing my tummy. 

Dear Diabetes, you are very rude and selfish! I have practically changed my whole life because of you, give you all the attention you need and spend so much on you, yet you keep doing whatever you like and making me feel like crap. 

Expecting hypoglycaemia very soon because of all the insulin I have pumped into my system. 

Just another day in my big deal! 

Monday, 20 April 2015


Ah! it feels like christmas morning to me today...I'm going to Seattle!!!!! I'm very excited about this, it's a short trip but I'm very happy I'm going. I love traveling to places have never been and living a life of a tourist.

I don't really have anything planned out, but I know I will do some shopping, things are way cheaper in the US than they are here in Canada, eat as much as I can and just have fun generally. Checked the weather and it should be warm a little yay to getting some sun in!

Will be seeing my friend that I have not seen in seven years!!!! Can't wait to catch up!

Of course as a diabetic I have to go with all my supplies and I'm not sure if I would need a note to carry them across because I'm going via ferry. Anyway, I didn't get a note and will just rough it out.

Super duper excited for the next three days and will blog when experience there when I get back.


Saturday, 18 April 2015


As we all know, I found out I had diabetes randomly (I always say it's my "I too know attitude" that pushed me to test that day). Oh well, its all good because now I know and I have been trying my best to manage it and live a healthy life generally. At that time I didn't know the symptoms of diabetes even though I had them all.

I would like to share the 4 Ts of Diabetes (diabetes symptoms)

Do you always need to go to the toilet often? waking up frequently during the night to "wee wee" or having short breaks between going to the toilet, this is  part of the symptoms of diabetes.

Are you always excessively thirsty and feel the need to drink water all the time? Regularly getting up to drink water during the night, even after drinking a bottle of water or any kind of liquid you still feel very thirsty? 

Losing weight without watching your weight? Increased appetite which means, you are always hungry and eating yet you are losing weight uncontrollable?

No energy to do the things you love, or just feeling very weak all day, finding physical activities difficult?

If you answered yes to these things, you might want to check your blood sugar out. The test is very easy and simple, its just a prick and a drop of blood.

It's usually said that these are symptoms of type 1 diabetes, but as we all know, type1 diabetes is not just for kids, i got diagnosed in my 20s and i had all these symptoms.

Diabetes is not a death sentence, people have it, live with it and enjoy their lives!


Monday, 13 April 2015


Stop the Press!!!!! I'm done with school!!!! How cool is that? I'm so excited and grateful but above all I'm very proud of myself. Having to deal with health issues and going to school was not an easy one but I did it...I did it and I did it amazingly so! Whoop Whoop!

I was at my doctors office and he said to me "so Wemmy whats next after school"...and i said, I wanna live a life of endless possibilities. Where that came from I really don't know but it came out and I guess I must have been thinking of it. On my way home I started thinking what that means and what it will mean for me and I figured it simply means pulling myself up, opening my mind to new ideas and possibilities, taking advantage of the opportunities out there for me, doing amazing things most importantly not letting fear take over my life, dream big, work hard, play hard. 

Our lives are filled with endless possibilities we just have to open our minds to see them. 

Is it going to be an easy task...absolutely not, but I'm going to do it, I will not be scared to try new things and take risk. When I think of positive things happening in my life, this silly voice comes and says it won't happen. I used to be scared and worried and I believed the voice but not anymore. I believe i can be whatever I wanna be and do whatever I wanna do...So I know I'm going to be great! Thats my mindset right now. 

Looking for jobs and going for interviews scares the hell out of me, but I'm going to enjoy this process and learn from it. 

An update from my visit to the doctors: I don't have thyroid problems but I"m going into early menopause. Where that came from I really don't know, maybe its in my family, maybe not...i really don't know and I really don't care either. I'm just gonna to take it in my strides and move on to do beautiful things. I can't worry or be sad about everything, gotta laugh some out...and I'm definitely laughing this one out. 

"I know in my heart that its my time and I already see the possibilities are never ending" (unknown)