Sunday, 25 October 2015

Priceless Gifts!

Its my birthday week...whoop whoop! I love my birthday because I get gifts and lots of attention..haha!

I woke up this morning thinking of the best gifts I have given myself and those that were given to me, this brought a big smile to my face because some of the gifts I thought were big deals then are really nothing to me right now. I guess my perspective has changed and I look at life a little bit differently.

So I thought, what gifts would i be giving myself this year, I really want something priceless, collection of fabulous moments and experiences. While I have promised myself to live a life of adventure, I think there are some other things I would like to improve on in this new year.

Peace of Mind:
Count my blessings instead of dwelling on things that are not working well or things that I don't have yet. Live in the moment, appreciate the things that I have now, while I plan and work towards the things I want.
Stop comparing myself to others (comparison is the thief of joy). Social media has a way of making me feel like i'm not good enough or i'm not where i'm suppose to be. I'm thankful for where I am right now and I know it can only get better.

Time for ME:
I always put myself last on the to do list. Every other person comes first, I worry and care about them, in the process I neglect myself.  I will find ways and time to invest in myself, pamper and improve on being a better person. Explore me, my values and my limits.

Be Happy:
With diabetes, thalassemia and early menopause, I have my plates very full and these things gets me overwhelmed for sure. I have decided to be happy and stay happy. Its hard work but its the best gift I can give myself.

I'm going to be nice to myself in this new year and be a happy girl.


Monday, 12 October 2015


Happy thanksgiving to all my amazing Canadian people! Just like christmas, I love thanksgiving because it gives us an opportunity to all gather together with our families and friends, eat a lot and be merry.

There is so much to be thankful for: my wonderful family and friends, the joy of sleeping and waking up every day. The strength and grace to fight the battles thrown at me.

I wish everyone a happy thanksgiving and I would be eating a lot..(insulin to the rescue). May we always have reasons to be thankful.


Sunday, 4 October 2015


And I'm back! Its been a long while, guess I was having so much fun that I forgot my blog. Anyway, I'm back to blogging.

While I was away I stumbled on one of  Alastair Humphreys' write ups on mircoadventures and I was fascinated by it. I love to travel, visit new places, try new food, shops and just see how other people live. But money has been a limiting factor for me, its so expensive to travel around the world these days.

So when I read about micro adventure I thought that was exactly what I needed and it won't really cost me that much plus i just moved to a new city and I needed to explore the city anyway.

"Microadventure simply means getting out to somewhere close to home, overnight, couple of days, cheap, simple and most importably a lot of fun".

Over the summer, I decided to explore British Columbia (beautiful BC as it is called) going on these micro adventures and it was fun.

My first stop was Whistler (extremely amazing). If you love out door activities, you need to check this place out. I went on the gondola peak to peak ride, it was really fun. (being someone who is scared of heights, this was really going out of my comfort zone...but it was mad fun).

Parksville (Vancouver island): I went on long walks by the sea wall and it was great. My favourite thing to do is take long walks and I was able to do lots of that here.

Car race: Errr, didn't quite enjoy this adventure, I'm not a sports person, i'm glad i tried it though but won't be trying this again.

Harrison Hot springs: the mountains here are amazing! Pictures don't even do them any justice. Had a wonderful time in the warm pool and just looking at these mountains.

White Rock was fabulous and the long walk I had on the beach was equally as amazing as the town plus the nice ice cream.


I live for exploring new places, meeting passionate people and just having fun. I won't let anything beat me down or hold me from having fun! I enjoyed my micro adventure and i'm going to spend the rest of the year chasing adventures close to home.