Monday, 20 April 2015


Ah! it feels like christmas morning to me today...I'm going to Seattle!!!!! I'm very excited about this, it's a short trip but I'm very happy I'm going. I love traveling to places have never been and living a life of a tourist.

I don't really have anything planned out, but I know I will do some shopping, things are way cheaper in the US than they are here in Canada, eat as much as I can and just have fun generally. Checked the weather and it should be warm a little yay to getting some sun in!

Will be seeing my friend that I have not seen in seven years!!!! Can't wait to catch up!

Of course as a diabetic I have to go with all my supplies and I'm not sure if I would need a note to carry them across because I'm going via ferry. Anyway, I didn't get a note and will just rough it out.

Super duper excited for the next three days and will blog when experience there when I get back.


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