Saturday, 18 April 2015


As we all know, I found out I had diabetes randomly (I always say it's my "I too know attitude" that pushed me to test that day). Oh well, its all good because now I know and I have been trying my best to manage it and live a healthy life generally. At that time I didn't know the symptoms of diabetes even though I had them all.

I would like to share the 4 Ts of Diabetes (diabetes symptoms)

Do you always need to go to the toilet often? waking up frequently during the night to "wee wee" or having short breaks between going to the toilet, this is  part of the symptoms of diabetes.

Are you always excessively thirsty and feel the need to drink water all the time? Regularly getting up to drink water during the night, even after drinking a bottle of water or any kind of liquid you still feel very thirsty? 

Losing weight without watching your weight? Increased appetite which means, you are always hungry and eating yet you are losing weight uncontrollable?

No energy to do the things you love, or just feeling very weak all day, finding physical activities difficult?

If you answered yes to these things, you might want to check your blood sugar out. The test is very easy and simple, its just a prick and a drop of blood.

It's usually said that these are symptoms of type 1 diabetes, but as we all know, type1 diabetes is not just for kids, i got diagnosed in my 20s and i had all these symptoms.

Diabetes is not a death sentence, people have it, live with it and enjoy their lives!


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