Monday, 16 March 2015


I saw this picture on Instagram and I went..yup thats's the story of my life. I really don't sleep well. I wake every morning feeling so tired. I try to go to bed early but then I wake up severally in the middle of the night to wee wee or deal with low blood sugar. The doctors keep saying if you don't get enough sleep you blood sugar will be high in the mornings...and I go my high blood sugar won't even let me sleep, or low blood sugar which means I have to wake up and find something to eat. This diabetic life is very complicated. 


My friend asked me what it feels like to have a high blood sugar and I told her its exactly how you feel when drunk. Everything is not just normal, I get very uncomfortable, become very thirsty and hungry, wee wee like a million times, headaches, blur vision, mood swings and the list is endless.
The doctors says normal blood sugar should be between 4-7 for fasting and 7-10 two hours after meal. Well it doesn't really work that way, two hours after food I'm always still very high. What I have realized is there is no hard and fast rule to managing diabetes, just keep going with the flow. I must say thou, my mum has got her blood sugar under control, but she has type 2 diabetes and has had it for a while. I don't compare myself to her, because we are fighting different fact I don't compare my diabetes management with anyone, I just do what works for me. 


 I hear this a lot, can you have this or that, is this or is that too sweet for you? Yes I can have it all as long as I bolus for it...the benefits of insulin! But I still try to have a healthy lifestyle. Sundays are my official cheat days, I eat whatever I want but still keep my blood sugar under control. Weight management matters to me, because I'm a young girl and I love to look good plus eating healthy is just better especially if you have diabetes! 


Oh yes...i do! I go from my room to the living room to pick something up and before i get to the living room, i would have forgotten what I came out to pick. I forget what my blood sugar reading was, sometimes I'm not sure if I had my insulin or not! I forget to make that call, send that email, I just forget things. To help with this I have a to do list of the things I want to do, before I forget.

Well I just felt like ranting a little bit this morning. Here goes my rants!

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