Saturday, 7 March 2015


I can think of one million and one reasons why i shouldn't be happy and they are legit reasons. But I have decided to choose happiness. Its not the easier decision but the best decision.

Most times we depend on external things to make us happy; having a good health, finding the perfect mate, the perfect job, starting a family and the list is endless. We also tend to blame other people or circumstances for our unhappiness. How can i be happy when i'm sick? or how can i be happy when I can't find a job? People or circumstances can not make us unhappy without our permission. "Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we react to it".

Happiness starts with us. We should choose to be happy and make out time to invest in ourselves. We should be happy and at peace with who we are. If we don't like how things are going, we can always make changes and see things differently.

Be grateful for the things that are working, even the things that are not working because they are only there to teach us a lesson, make us stronger and wiser. You can not be grateful and be unhappy at the same time.

I have seen people that have it all; money, great relationships, perfect jobs etc and are still very unhappy and depressed. Its not about the external things, its all about you. Make the choice to be happy.

We should make happiness a way of life and not a destination. We see happiness as a goal, but happiness is not out there somewhere, its inside of us all. Its our job to remove the barriers, limiting beliefs, fears, insecurities, disappointments keeping us from accessing the lasting joy we have on the inside.

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  1. Wemmy
    This is a very courageous and positive move. More importantly, it is the correct move.

    In dealing with situations which we cannot wish away/prevent, it is best to be courageous and open. I am sure anyone who access this post, diabetic or not will gain something.

    Let' keep it positive: best quip I heard