Sunday, 15 March 2015


I feel so good with myself when i help others. While i might not have so many friends, I'm a very kind and caring person (if i do say so myself) and recently I find that helping others gives me so much joy. While I was in Nigeria, I would give things out to the motherless babies, reach out to the less privileged and just put smiles on peoples faces. 

On saturday I went for a baked sales events, where we baked different snacks and sold them, we were able to make some money for some families going through hard times. My friend in school asked me to help out with her project, I said yes and went to school just for that, she offered to take me for lunch, but i turned down the offer. Just seeing how happy she was after we finished working on her project made me very happy and made my day a little brighter. 

We should never underestimate kindness. Doing nice things to people for no reason has so many rewards. Acts of kindness help create bridges where love flows to others and the joy it brings knows no bounds 

When we are presented with opportunities to be kind towards others, we should all take these opportunities and discover how awesome it feels. Not doing it for what we can get back in return just to make the world a happy place! 

As we start this new week, make up your mind to do something kind to put a smile on someone's face. Hold the door with a smile for someone, give compliments, buy coffee for that homeless guy on the street...Just do something.

Be kind!

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