Friday, 6 March 2015


When my endocrinologist place me on insulin, he said "you can have whatever you want, just make sure you take enough insulin to cover for it". I was the happiest girl...I thought I could have pops, ice-cream and all the sweet things i liked. Two weeks on i noticed i started gaining weight but i just thought it was because my numbers got better and finally I'm getting healed! I went for my appointment at the diabetes clinic and the nurse said, "oh Wemmy, you gaining weight you need to watch it". I was confused and hit google, searching if insulin caused weight gain and the answer was a big fat YES! I was really upset no one told me. I went off insulin and said that's it I'm done with this diabetes thing.

Again, my parents counselled me and pleaded i go back on insulin, My numbers went crazy, so I had to go back on insulin but i did a lot of research on insulin and weight management.

I have been able to keep away some of the weight by:

  • Eating healthy: I only stock my fridge and pantry with fruits, vegetables, lots of protein and some granola bars for my lows. I try to drink lots of water. I cut down on my carb intake. Replaced rice with cauliflower, pasta with zucchini. Its very expensive and time consuming to eat healthy but i really try my best. I also reduced the rate at which I eat out. Of course I have my cheat days but for the most part I keep it healthy. 

  • I try my best not to skip meals and also eat at the same time everyday. This is very hard for me because I have different schedule everyday. But as much as i can, i do this.

  • I stay active. I go to the gym 4 times a week and I walk a lot. If I'm gonna take any carb, I usually do that and then hit the gym. I really don't enjoy going to the gym, so I go for the fun drop in fitness classes  (zumba, cardio dance, pilates...etc) 
I find that with healthy diet and exercise, I really don't use as much insulin as I should. Of course i have days when my blood sugar just won't go down and I have to use even more insulin. But managing diabetes doesn't have any fixed rule, you keep trying different things and what works for A might not work for B. I just do what works me. 

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