Sunday, 15 March 2015


We all need support whether it be during our happy moments or our trying times. We need people to be happy for and with us, we need people to share our happy times with, and the same goes for when we are going through tough times. We often feel alone, angry and dejected. I personally tend to resist help or support because i don't want to come across as needy and don't want to be pitied. But i find that when I get to talk with my aunties, parents, friends etc.. I feel a whole lot better.

There are people all around who can help, we just have to ask, we can get support from our families, our friends, counsellors( I love talking to a counsellor) our co-workers etc, they should be willing to help us and share in our burdens.

Most Importantly, we should learn how to be our own support. Parents might not always be there, friends might have things going on in their lives too, people get busy, but if you know how to support yourself when you are down, then things will look better.

Be your own cheerleader: Give yourself some credit, remember the things you've done well, the good choices you made ( I resisted cheesecake and ice-cream and had for salad for lunch). Regularly praise yourself.  

Self Validation: We all tend to look for someone else to see the best in us. Before making a phone call to that friend or sibling I always say to myself, what will they say to me...."this too will pass, its just for a while, you are a strong girl". I say all those to myself and encourage myself in the process.

Stop judging yourself: Its very ok, to feel down, I'm down because I'm losing my hair...thats not a good thing and I'm not excited about it, this will help me understand my feelings and work through them. It's ok to feel down but its not ok to stay down.

What do you really need right now: when feeling down it is important to know what you body needs to feel better. Do I need someone neutral to talk with? Do i need to go for a walk or go shopping? Pick up a book and read. Whatever it is just make sure you do what you really feel like doing and what will put you in a better mood.

Please remember the goal is not to stop reaching out to others, the goal is to be there for yourself when you need help and there is no one around.

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  1. Oyelade Temitope16 March 2015 at 09:44

    This is very important, to find as much solace in yourself as you do in others. Aunty Wemmy I am very impressed with how you've handled this whole journey and it has made me admire you even more. I love you, stay strong. ����