Saturday, 21 February 2015


You have diabetes!!!! Those were the words my GP said to me that changed my life!

I moved to Canada in 2013, I was very excited and happy to be living my dreams. My very first year in school was great, had amazing grades and I was in a really good place in my life. It was summer break and I went visiting some of my friends, had  fun  and as my holiday was coming to an end, I looked forward to getting a summer job and have my mum visit in august and just have fun. My friend’s mum whom I was visiting was checking her blood sugar before dinner and I said I wanted to check mine too (very strange..i don’t like needles). I took the test and she went oh that’s really high your blood sugar is 12, me very clueless I went…what’s 12 is it out of a 100. She said go see your doctor when you get back home.

I got home and went straight to my doctor’s, did a random test and it was high (cant remember the numbers) but I was sent to have a proper test done in the lab. The test was going to be ready the next day so I had to wait. My results were in and it was time to go to the doctors, I was nervous and anxious at the same time. I finally made it to the doctors and she took a look at my test results and looked at me (at this point I knew something was wrong) and said…you have diabetes! I really didn’t hear the things she said after that, I started crying, thinking my life was over. I’m in my 20s how can I be diabetic?!

Talked to my family but they couldn’t console me, I cried so much. I was referred to the diabetes clinic where I met the fantastic nurse and dietician. I was told I had type two diabetes, I have to watch what I eat, was placed on metformin. My mum came to spend a month with me just taking care of me (mums are the best!). My family was there for me, they gave me all the support I needed.

Metformin made me feel so sick and sapped all my energy, I would throw up, and it was really crazy. I went back to the doctors to complain and she changed my drugs from metformin to glyburide. Way better, I liked it because it was very easy to swallow and it was once a day. The doctor said to me, I think you are in the honeymoon stage of type 1 diabetes…I was very confused, so she referred me to go see an endocrinologist. I was on a short vacation in NYC and my numbers went crazy, I went as high as 28, with crazy headaches and blur vision. I went to my endo once I got back home and was confirmed type 1. I was placed on insulin injections and the endo explained how I was going to be giving myself injections, counting my carbs and always have snacks with me. I was really confused, sad and frustrated. The diabetes nurse showed me what to do and told me I had to inject myself before every meal and bedtime.

I really don’t like that this has happened to me and people keep saying it can be worse but when it comes down to it, its very hard to get used to.

That’s a little bit about what I have struggled with. This blog is a therapy for me, will share my experiences about diabetes, when I’m having a good or bad day, my other struggles, and if you ever drop by just enjoy my ranting….but please remember to keep it positive. 


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