Thursday, 26 February 2015


It's very funny how people with diabetes get judged. You hear people say all sorts about diabetics: they brought it upon themselves, they had way too much sugar, they don't exercise, it's just diabetes right all you need is lifestyle changes, you don't look sick, checking your blood sugar isn't hard..its just a prick....etc.

Its not just diabetes, lifestyle changes is part of the things we have to do but certainly not the only thing we have to deal with. Diabetics are normal people, we look normal, we go to work, school, gym, events, we shop, we make dinner, we party, we talk and act like normal people and we are not limited by our diabetes but the fact still remains that we have diabetes and we have to deal with it. so while we are doing all these things non diabetics do we still have to manage our diabetes: we have to prick our fingers numerous times a day to check our blood sugar, we are thinking about carbs, our injection sites, how our body feels, we dealing with hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, mood swings that comes with high and low blood sugar, we are thinking about eating whatever without worrying about the consequences, we are counting carbs, we are worrying if we have enough supplies, we are measuring our insulin, we are calculating our money, checking our balances, figuring out insurance, we are buying supplies that are very expensive, we are second guessing if we took our insulin, we are debating telling people we have diabetes. We are tired but we are managing our diabetes.

Managing diabetes is very HARD! Its not just the blood sugar checks and the insulin..its everything.

Photo credit: Type1 diabetes meme Facebook page.

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